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Solid Four Stars. Taken from my Goodread.

 Okay so there is this little adorable kid from an asteroid who is seemingly innocent yet amazingly wise.

Some people say this book is universal for children but NO NO NO! THIS BOOK IS NOT FOR CHILDREN. And the Little Prince, I am sorry, he is not a kid. Children will not understand the metaphors and allegories in this tale. Exupery had warned. The Little Prince, let's call him François (typical French name for your convenient) is not a kid, he IS AN ADULT who cannot make any senses of the adult world. (What kind of kids speak the words from François's mouth, seriously?) 


François is a heart-broken daydreamer who lives forever in his carefree childhood and rejects to grow up because he can only see ugliness and triviality in the adult world. He had a mundane daily job on his asteroid (his home), his rose (his spouse - whom he once admired and loved) began to annoy the shit out of him, and he'd had enough of it, so he decided to travel all the way just to find himself in greater resentment and disdain for the world. As far as I'm concerned, François cannot manage adulthood. During his journey he also met numerous people but none of those could share his interests and ideas - to François those people are too boring, superficial or greedy to begin with.

Somehow he made friend with a "wise one" aka Monsieur Fox (He's also an adult) who taught him about love and friendship. This is the best part of the story. François started to realize that he is no way deeper than people around him and how awfully he treated his loved one. François got an emotional breakdown, and started to question his existence, his relationships, and even his own "innocence" - the quality that he once thought, set him aside from those boring, superficial, greedy adults he met in his life. Foreseeing his imminent death, François tried to share his enlightment with a stranded pilot before too late.


I like Le Petit Prince, and how people misunderstood is despite the fact that Exupery had emphasized that it was not written for kids. Mr. E. IS François, and this is his painful experience being with "the grown ups". François is his alter ego/imaginary friend - not a kid. Just my $0.02.
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